Beauti-Leaf® - Chinese Herbal Tea and Herbal Extract for Your Health

Dietas' Special Drink®
100% Natural. Caffeine free. Preservative free.
This dietary supplement is made from ginseng and selected natural herbs. Soothing and relaxing it is ideal for those who desire weight adjustment.

Note: You may experience increased bowel movement during the first few days, such feeling may be reduced by shortening steeping time.

Malva verticellata, senna, and ginseng

Use one bag per cup. Add boiling water steep 3 minutes as desired. Honey may be added to sweeten the taste.

Dietas' Special Drink®
(Box of 30 tea bags)
Price: $3.75

Dietas' Special Drink®
(Case of 24 boxes)
Price: $70.00

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