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Mountain Green Tea
This tea is prepared with Yellow Mountain Green Tea flavored with natural Osmanthus flower. Yellow Mountain Green Tea is grown in the mountainous area of the Yellow Mountain, China. Because of the special factors of topography and climate in the region, it is possible that it becomes the best green tea in China. With the flavor of Osmanthus flower, which is slightly sweet and has a lovely floral nose reminiscent of peaches. This tea becomes quite subtle and an incredible tea to drink.

Green tea is proven responsible for numerous health benefits including anti-cancer effects, weight control, the promotion of cardiovascular health, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and more.

Green tea
Osmanthus flower flavor

For perfect brewing - heat fresh, cold water to a rolling boil, pour over tea, using 1 tea bag or 2 to 3 grams per cup.
Allow to brew for 3 minutes.
Adjust the time to suit your taste.

Mountain Green Tea
(Box of 20 tea bags)
Price: $3.00

Mountain Green Tea
(Case of 24 boxes)
Price: $66.00

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